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Wedding photography in different presentations

wedding photography

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Wedding photography services:


Photographs will be taken at:

Religious ceremony at your church

Portrait session (formals) in location and/or restaurant

Guest receiving, party, table photos, first dance


For up to 4-5 hours from the wedding appointment.

This way the most important moments of the wedding can be covered in a sensible budget.


We deliver a minimum of 250 images:

You will get:

- 4 sets of 2 DVDs:

DVD slide-show for DVD-TV player and PC

DVD with all images as print files ready for the lab

a few 5"x7" (13x18cm) images in the DVD covers

- one mini-album with 36 5"x7" (13x18cm) photos for the bride

- Internet site with all the images


You will find below a detailed description of this offer.


Total cost - 350€

The price above does not include the VAT (19%)

Dana can not accept wedding photography assignments too far outside Bucharest.


If you would like a more complete wedding coverage, with the photographer working until the party is over or in another city, please consider Radu Grozescu as your wedding photographer.



Detailed wedding photography offer:


DVD slide-show for DVD player on TV

The DVD contains a slide-show which can be enjoyed both on your TV set using a home DVD player and on a PC.

This way you will see your wedding photographs on the big screen of your TV at home and you still may present them to your colleagues using the PC at your office.

For easier viewing, the shows are divided into chapters: Church, Portraits, Restaurant, which can be selected using the DVD menu.

This way you may present to your friends only the part you like, without having to follow all the show.

The total duration of the shows is determined by the total number of images, so for 250 images the shows will be around 17 minutes long. The actual number of the images may be higher, 250 being the minimum.


CD slide-show for the PC

This is done only for the case when you need to present your wedding photography show on a PC which do not have a DVD drive.

It is identical with the DVD show, but works only on a PC, not on DVD players.


A few 5"x7" (13x18cm) pictures in the DVD's covers

In the DVD covers you will find a few printed pictures just to get an idea about the quality of the images you should expect from the lab when going to print the photographs you want.


Print files for the lab on a DVD

On this DVD you will find all the pictures from your wedding optimized for print at a digital lab.

To help you get the list of the images to print, there is a Proofs folder, containing the images at a reduced screen resolution, which will allow you to quickly view and choose the pictures, even on a less faster PC.

The print images are in a folder named Print at 3872 x 2592 pixels (10 megapixels), which will allow you to print great images at least up to 12"x18" (30x45cm).

We can recommend you our lab, where you can get high quality prints at very reasonable prices. This way you can get the same quality prints as we get for ourselves.

usually, any competent digital photo lab should offer you very high quality prints from our files, but it may be a good idea to take with you at the lab some of the images we delivered, just to show them what quality you expect to get.

Because of a high variation of the quality between labs we can not guarantee the quality of the photographs printed from the digital files, but if you really need, we can provide at anytime, for the below prices, quality printed photographs from the digital files delivered.


Mini-album with 36 photos 5"x7" (13x18cm)

It will be very appreciated by the bride because she will be able to show very quickly after the wedding some prints to her friends, without the need to make prints lists and go to the lab.

The images will be chosen by Dana based on photographic qualities and the moments photographed, so they can offer a small wedding overview. The mini-album will fit in a purse so it will be always at hand.


All images on an Internet site

It is meant to offer you the opportunity to show your pictures to all your friends that have Internet access, wherever they are.

You will get an address like this:

where you can see other examples of wedding photography.

Usually, the 36 images from the bride's mini-album will be shown in an "open" gallery and all the other galleries - ceremony, portraits and groups, party - will be password protected.

At your request, we can protect all your images with a password.


How can I order printed photographs ?

We strongly suggest you to print your wedding photographs at a digital lab of your choice. For our printing, we favor the labs which use Fuji Frontier machines, but this is not mandatory.

This way, you will get the fastest delivery at the best price.

If you insist to have the photographs printed by us, please send the list with the images you want, together with the sizes and quantities needed.

Printed photographs price list:


10x15 cm 13x18 cm 15x21 cm 20x30 cm


0,8 € 0,9 € 1,3 € 2,5 €

With the images ordered you will get a CD or DVD containing the files used for printing, optimized for the ordered sizes.



Is to be made as follows: 100€ as a non refundable retainer for the wedding date and the balance upon delivery.

If you want to order supplementary DVD's sets:
10 €/set., ordered before the originals delivery, 30 € /set, ordered later.

Payment will be made in RON at the current exchange rate. Prices do not include VAT (19%).

All delivered images are archived by us on DVD's for the event of a damaged or lost disk, but due to the limited media life span, we can not guarantee the availability of the images for an unlimited amount of time.

wedding photography
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professional photographer Dana

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