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ATTN: Model Agencies

We can offer you special corporate prices because you have different requirements. The prices will be based on the time spent shooting and not on the number of model photographed.

Also we can install a photo studio on your premises or in any location you choose.

Since the shooting is done directly in the computer you will have almost real time feedback so you will have good control over the images taken.

This will allow maximum use of time and lower costs per model.

To get the corporate price structure please contact us.

How does a photo session flows ?

First you contact Dana by E-mail or by phone: 0722.327.256 and work out all the details. Don't hesitate to ask all the questions you can think of.


When scheduled, you will meet and start by doing the final planning, based on the kind of images you need and the clothes you are going to wear.

It is best to have a clear idea about the kind of images you want. Do not hesitate to bring some samples, including photos from the magazines to use as a source of ideas.

Next is the make-up where Dana can give you some advice, then the actual photo session.

For every outfit you will wear Dana will take a series of images, as different as possible.

The digital camera will be shooting directly into a computer so you will have almost real time feed back on the images.

How do I order the images ?

Since the images taken are already in the computer you will be able to order just after the photo session.

The images can be delivered either as printed photographs or as digital files only.

The photographs will be printed on genuine photographic paper, they are not inkjet or laser prints.

If you order photographs you will get (without additional costs) the files used for printing on a CD, in case you will want to get other prints done.

Both photographs and digital files will be delivered a few days after the photo session because they have to be properly converted and enhanced.

Why Digital ?

To avoid supplementary costs from film and processing. This way we can take a larger number of images and the final cost will depend only on the number of images ordered.

To insure absolute discretion: the images do not pass through a lab unless you order prints so they will be seen only by you and the ones you choose.

Further savings. If you don't need the pictures on paper you can order digital files only.

About make-up and hair dressing:

Both are really important to insure great images. Dana can help you during make-up but not for hair dressing.

What kind of clothes should I bring ?

All you like and something more. It is very important to feel good inside :-) It shows in the pictures ... Shoes are equally important, so bring a wide selection.

What about the Internet site ?

In the photo session fee is included an Internet site with up to 20 of your favorite images.

It is meant to offer you the opportunity to show your pictures to all your friends that have Internet access, wherever they are. It is ideal for those that live abroad.

You will get an address like this:

If you would like to limit the access to your images, you can choose a "hard to guess" address, (something like gKs73fd4) and give it only to your closest friends:-)

We will not make it public in any form and it will not be linked from this site unless you give us the permission.

For further protection you can ask for a user name and password access to the images.

To get the site is is necessary to choose the images and the address.

What will be on the CD ?

All the ordered images, as follows:

- the images ordered as photographs will be optimized for commercial printing (life size at 300ppi). If you ordered an image in several sizes you will get it on the CD in all the sizes.

- the images ordered as digital files only will be delivered at 3000x2000 pixels, jpg RGB.

An Internet like presentation (html) containing all the above images. You will be able to see them with any browser on any computer.

A copy of your site which will be uploaded on our server.

What if I don't need prints, but only the files ?

Since you already paid for the photo session, you will not be requested to purchase a minimum quantity of prints or files.

You are welcome to order digital files only or in any combination.

Photo session

• 12 images on paper 20x30 cm
• site with those 12 images with 1 year free hosting
• the 12 images on CD

100 €

Additional photographs, if ordered:
If you order photographs you will also get the digital files used for printing.
Photographs: 10x15


In inch:


5"x7" 6"x 8" 8"x12"
Price/image: 0,8 0,9 1,3 2,5

*Sizes are approximate

3000x2000 pixels jpg RGB digital files - for orders outside the package if you do not need the images on paper.


* Payment can be done in RON at the current rate. The prices do not contain VAT


wedding photography
product photography
events photography
portrait photography
model photography
flower photography

professional photographer Dana

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